A fair days pay for a fair days work

Why become a member?

  • With Yrkestrafikkforbundet (YTF) you join an organisation that is run by the members. We have more than 12.000 members among professional drivers, logistics workers and officials

  • By becoming a member at YTF you insure your job and contribute to a fair days pay for a fair days work

  • You get access to lawyers with an extensive knowledge of the industry. The lawyers will help you for free in cases like dismissals, driver licence confiscation and problems regarding your workday.

  • We also have member benefits like:

    • Insurance discounts

    • Economic support for glasses, physiotherapy and certificate of apprenticeship

    • Discounts on cruises, car rental , hotels and electricity

Yrkestrafikkforbundet is working to:

  • Improve wages and working conditions through negotiations and local agreements

  • Increase building of safe roads

  • Secure the professional driver in public service contracts

  • Increase the number of resting places along the roads

  • Increase the number of full time positions

  • Secure a fair industry through publicised wages in long haul transport and coach

  • Secure building of bus lanes and increase of departures for buses and rail transport